Thursday, October 25, 2007

Build Your Own Niche Empire

This information has been discussed by many internet marketing guru, I just summarized it and for your references.

1) Finding a Niche
Resources: magazine forum site wikipedia membership site search engine

2) Research the Keywords

3) Get a domain name with niche keyword

4) Research the domain name for keyword competition
ideally is 100,000 and below

5) Write 10 or more articles for the keyword you select
Do not overload your keyword in one article to avoid spamming complaint

6) Design your website
Resources for free template : or use Wordpress free template just do a search you will find a lot in the web.

7) Monetize Your Website
Resources: Adsense Your Own PLR ebooks affiliate products text ads

8) Submit your site to search engine
Resources: Google MSN Yahoo

9) Post articles
Resources: ezine article site press release

10) Repeat the whole process

Although the steps look simple, but this is what online gurus are doing every single day to make their life easier.

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