Sunday, October 14, 2007

Are You Happy With Your Domain Name?

You might very happy with your domain name because it contain those well-know name, so it help to draw a lot of free traffic, but this can be a nightmare when some big name come after you. Here's the true story, one of my friend registered a domain name contains the word "clickbxxk" as part of the domain name, he was very happy because his domain rank high in Gxxgle so receive a lot of traffic and let him made a lot of money.

He was hitted by an email that clickbxxk sent him said his account was banned because of infringement of trademark, he lost almost everything not only the clickbxxk account, the domain name, the traffic, and all the link to this domain plus all the effort and time.

Therefore when you registered or buy a domain name, remember not to get one with any famous name around like ebxx, Payxxx, Mircoxxxx, Yahxx, Gxxgle etc.

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