Friday, August 17, 2007

Read This Post Before You Submit Your Next Article to Article Directory

Many internet marketer know by submitting article to article directory can very much increase their website traffic, but they have overlooked one very important factor could cause the negative effect, here's the reason why?

Let say you create an article "blogging for profits", first you submit this article to article directory, and then you insert the same article in your website, if your site is not highly ranked in google, the chances is your article "blogging for profits" in article directory will get "indexed" by search engine before the seach engine crawl your site, this means that your article "bloggin for profits" will classified as "Duplicated Content" by search engine, and your website will get penatly, your page rank will go down or even banned by google. Perhaps you thought I will insert the article to my site first and wait for few days then send to article directory, the problem is you do not know when the search engine coming to crawl your website. In order to solve this problem, my friend Kevin Anderson came out a solution, click the following to take a look...

Internal Article Directory

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