Monday, August 27, 2007

Auto Blog Making Money = Laying a Bomb

Recently came across a webmaster unvailed his make money secrets by using autoblog, he create many website but without actual content, what he did is subscribe a few RSS feed from other niche content website and using cpanel cron to renew the content, his idea is to fool the search engine that the website with fresh content everyday, his income is came from adsense by drawing traffic from search engine. He estimate one website could make $1 to $2 a day, if he create 100 website so he can make big money per month. What's a great idea! But he is laying a BOMB!

What I believe is search engine will not catch the RSS feed content but rather just the link itself, therefore when google noticed the adsense account make money from adsense but without actual content, your account and website will get banned. If you preparing to launch autoblog or already launched, you better think twice before google caught you.

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