Wednesday, August 22, 2007

900 Pound Gorilla Report

If you create website and web content, read this....

I'm sure you've heard the news...

First it was the Google Slap... then another... and ANOTHER. After the carnage, thousands of Google AdWords advertisers were left licking their wounds with low Quality Score ratings.
Then, things got even WORSE... Two months ago, the second bomb dropped. Google released a new patent application and revealed some *scary* insights about their plans to use LSI, phrase matching and co-occurrence to automatically seek-and-destroy websites relying on natural search as well. As you can plainly see... in 2007, the game of getting (free and paid) traffic HAS CHANGED!

Listen to this. I just got wind of this new report that dissects bit-by-bit what is happening in the world of search engine marketing (SEM). It's VERY eye-opening and contains some great tidbits and action-ideas that youcan use right away. Go download a copy and give it a quick read. I know that this report will get you thinking about how to better position your online business (and what specific Google-approved strategies you can use) to grab more traffic and higher rankings in the search engines in 2007.

Here is the download link: Download

BTW, there is no need to opt-in or anything. Just download the report and start reading it. I hope you benefit from it like I did.

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