Monday, November 26, 2007

The Million Dollar Web Copy That Sell!

Many peoples know how to write, but not many know how to write effectively.

Copy moves the world?

Copywriting gives you a license to print money?

It's Magic!

I'm not a big fan of hype, but all of them are true.

Copy moves the world.

True, you've got to have a product to sell. But nothing, no matter if it is a regular grade product or a superior product, no, nothing sells until a salesperson promotes it.

That's where you make the money, you know, in the sale. Not in the developing and producing a product. Not in a fancy office. Not in the taxman's bookkeeping staff.

Copywriting gives you a license to print money.

Once copywriting gets hold of you, you literally do have the ability to create money at will. If you're selling your own products or working for clients, a simple new promotion or revival of an old one, can make you money at will.Need or want more money? Send another email. It's that simple.

It's Magic!

Remember the famous 'Abracadabra!' command? Did you ever wonder what you might do if you suddenly acquired the superhuman ability to command money to appear out of thin air?

That's copywriting.

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